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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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once again of consoler in chief. this time, it is on behalf of the five dallas officers, gunned down in the line of duty, here last week. we'll bring you live coverage of that memorial service when it happens. on the right side of your screen, a live look inside the meyer center. on the left side, the tarmac where president obama set to land in air force one any moment now. we're also following the latest on the campaign trail this afternoon today. vermont senator bernie sanders has officially used the e word. he endorsed the party's presumptive presidential nominee, hillary clinton. >> i have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why i am endorsing hillary clinton. meanwhile, on capitol hill right now, attorney general loretta lynch testifying before
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the judiciary committee. lynch declining to comment on the justice department's decision not to prosecute for sending unsecured e-mail. fanned out all over the country, today's developments on these stories and lots more. we start, we start here in dallas, at the interfaith service scheduled to start later this hour. among those traveling aboard air force one, with the president, first lady michelle obama, joe biden, his wife, nancy pelosi and texas senator, ted cruz. right now, a live look there at the tarmac in dallas. love field. air force one, just touching down. president george w. bush will be meeting all of the aforementioned here at the interfaith service, george w. bush's wife laura, live 20 minutes from where we sit in
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downtown dallas. both presidents are expected to speak. in addition to the two presidents, republican texas senator, john cornyn, i spent sometime spokei took sometime tk to him. he wanted to drop off a flag, a flag that he had flown a top the u.s. capitol a few days ago. i asked him what we wanted to hear, what he wanted to hear from president obama. >> we're all here to say is that the state of texas and our nation is united in our desire to not only have the difficult conversations we need to have with regard to race, but also, how really our support for the men and women in law enforcement is nonnegotiable item. >> senator cornyn, arriving with
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congressman james brown, from the houston area, who is standing next to him there. i'm also in attendance today, officers representing police departments from all over the country, including big cities like chicago, miami dade, another city that knows the pain in that dallas is feeling, charleston, south carolina. hate crime committed there as well, just over a year ago. today, will mark president obama's 11th visit to a community after a multi victim shooting. it will be the 15th time, the 15th that he has spoken after such a shooting. nbc's chris jansing outside police headquarters with me now. we have seen this president play this part far too many times. >> he feels it is far too many times, which is why i think, craig, when you hear from him today, it will be very real, very raw. he feels these things very deeply. and he feels the frustration of
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having to do it again and again and again, very deeply. but his first job and he knows this, and that's what we'll hear, him to be the consoler in chief. his first job is to talk to the people in the audience, who have felt this up close and personally. he also knows that he is talking to a country that is very much racially divided. very much showing stark divisions on so many things, and yet they do seem to share this discomfort, this fear from this cumulative effect of what we've seen over the last months, two bias mass crimes, one of course in orlando against gays, and what we saw here, targeting police officers, san bernardino on top of it. he can't avoid the elephant in the room so to speak. he will also have to talk about the racial divide. but not in a policy sense. in the sense of here's where we have to go. now, it is going to be hard. it is going to be hard, bass b
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as you say, this is the 15th time he has done this. he has poured his heart and soul and he has not seen the change he wants to see. he was up late in the night. i was not surprised if he was working on it again on air force one, again, writing it mostly himself, wanting to send a message that this country can indeed be united. we can overcome these problems. he knows, craig, that this is a huge, huge moment for him. a huge moment for the country. looking to him for conciliation, but also for direction, craig. >> a live look while you were speaking at the meyer symphony center, interfaith memorial center. you saw five chairs, i believe we saw it in one of the other shots, five chairs, empty chairs in memory, in memory of the five officers who lost their lives here. four of them dallas police
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officers, one a d.a.r.t. officer who had just gotten engaged two weeks prior. the funeral is set to start here tomorrow. there will be a funeral for an officer everyday here in dallas through saturday. this is truly going to be an interfaith memorial. there will be representatives from the methodist charge, an imon, a rabbi as well. we'll also be hearing from the dallas police chief, david brown, who we heard from yesterday, who gave quite the m impassioned plea to join the force instead. we found out early this morning that there has been a renewed interest in becoming a police officer here in dallas. so if there has been something good perhaps to come out of this tragedy, maybe that's it, chris. it is going to be a very
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interesting to hear how president obama uses scripture, because we've heard him use skri script ture time and time again. he used it in boston, newton to launch into his services. for those of us who have grown-up in the baptist faith, black baptist church, the president's cadence is very familiar when he starts at these kinds of memorial services. a live look there inside the meyerson center. jacob rascon is outside the symphony center awaiting the president's arrival. my understanding was there had been a protest scheduled for outside that symphony center. is that still the case? >> reporter: it is, craig. though it is not going to start until after the president finishes. it has been a beautiful scene outside the symphony center. let's start with this
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beautifulnal that has been set up the entire time. what a scene it was, just a couple of hours ago. let's go to what we shot with our cameras just a couple of hours ago. this was hundreds of officers from all over the country. of course, you probably had nearly every department in texas represented, but also, i met officers from the new york department, from oregon, they said they were here, because they wanted to represent the departments. they were invited to come, and they were very excited to come. now what we have left over are people who have just come who work around here, who just are here visiting. one of those is tonya, you're visiting from odessa texas. why did you feel this was important to come? >> it is a tragedy that happened here. i want my boys to come that we all need to come together in times like this and be here for each other. >> you didn't have any personal connection to any of the officers. why then is it important for your sons and family to be here? >> because we're raised in a generation, i mean, this is my
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youngest, 4, and my oldest is 18. it is important that we show our generation that, you know, the things like this that happen, we can come together and i just, i want them to grow up and know and understand that the consequences of these things and it is not just one person it involves. there is family, and they have their kids and family and friends. >> thank you so much, tonya. i want to end with this. if we come over here, there are no protests, at least yet, craig, i want to end with this gentleman that has a free hug shirt, who are doing this. they come out, they've been giving hugs to the officers all day, and giving interviews. it is just a spirit of love and empathy and compassion here so far, craig. >> free hugs. gotta love that. jacob rascon outside the interfaith memorial service that is set to start in a few minutes. i want to bring you back in here, because we want to see something we don't see a lot of these days, former president george w. bush, who lives 20
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miles from here, preston. he'll be be speaking before president obama. a unique perspective. this is his city. this is where he lived. >> symbolically important for those two commanders in chief to stand side by side. they've done it a few times before, selma, right, they've walked together. but in a situation like this, you know it, craig, and i saw it in you when the sad, sad shooting in charleston. that's home to you. not that you don't feel all of them. we all feel them as americans. but when you live in new york and 9/11 happens, you feel it. for george w. bush, this is home, as you've said. it is where his presidential library is. texas is his family's home place. this is where he feels comfortable. he also, i think, feels a particular allegiance because of 9/11, and the aftermath to firefighters and police officers and to people who serve in those roles. so i think seeing them there, you're also going to hear, as
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you said, from george w. bush, obviously the staffs of the two presidents have been working on that. but i also think you will hear a very personal speech, because this is home to him. >> chris jansing, we appreciate your perspective. thank you for sticking around. be sure to stay with us throughout the hour for our special msnbc live coverage of today's memorial service, including remarks from president obama and former president george w. bush. here in dallas. brian william also join me to take us through that event. again, that's now just a few moments away. meanwhile, 36 days after hillary clinton clinched the democratic nomination, bernie sanders, officially endorsing his primary rival. it happened in portsmouth, new hampshire, a state where he defeated her by more than 20 per s -- 20%. >> she will be the democratic nominee for president.
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and i intend to do everything i can to make certain she will be the next president of the united states. trump's campaign wasting no time, issuing a new statement. saying in part, bernie's endorsement becomes exhibit a, in our rigged system. the democratic primary is disenfranchising its voters for the select and privileged few. sanders endorsement comes at a critical time for clinton. her e-mail hangs leak a cloud over her campaign and take ago toll on her poll numbers, her lead shrinking three points, 47/33 in the latest poll. americans disagreeing with the fbi's director's decision to not prosecute her. kristen welker is in new hampshire, that's where again,
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bernie sanders just throwing his support behind hillary clinton, and last hour, when we talked, kristen, the question was, whether this was going to be a full throated endorsement. it sounded like it was pretty full throated. >> reporter: it was pretty fl throated. no doubt about that. let's for starters talk about the fact that he used the word endorsement. we weren't sure that he was going to heading into today, and he absolutely did that was significant. it was also full throated because of the sound bite that you just played. he said secretary clinton has won the democratic nomination, and that he is going to fight for her to become the next president of the united states. he went on to tick off a number of areas where they've found common ground. the democratic platform hashing out some of the differences between the two candidates, and secretary clinton agreeing to significant concessions. that's part of why she did in fact win his endorsement today. concessions on health care, public option for obama care, agreeing to make some public universities free for some americans. and also, of course, the all
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important $15 minimum wage, that was a signature part of senator sanders campaign. secretary clinton vowing to fight to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. they were also united, craig, in taking on donald trump. senator sanders had very strong words for donald trump, slammed him for being divisive, and secretary clinton got one of her loudest applause lines, she said donald, if you're at home watching this, but i'm sorry, we're not going to lower the minimum wage, we're going to fight to increase it. this was a united front. there were some detractors of course, folks before this events started, were shouting feel the bern, there was a woman who walked by who said never hillary. so some folks aren't quite ready to get on board with secretary clinton. but if you look at the polls, the recent polls show 85% of senator sanders supporters say they'll support secretary clinton. this will be a big step to getting rthe remaining holdouts
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mr. trump once again taking to twitter, i'll just read one of the tweets here. to all the bernie voters who want to stop bad trade deals and global special interests, we welcome you with open arms. people first. trump appearing later this evening with indiana's mike pence, another vp try out. meanwhile, a new name being floated in hillary clinton's search. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: james stavridis, well respected on both sides of the aisle and is in fact being vetted by the clinton campaign. look, craig, he is someone who could help with the military community, with military voters, veterans. he could help in a state like virginia for example. we anticipated that secretary clinton would vet someone from the military community. so this is not a big surprise,
10:16 am
but of course, you think of some of the names that are of the top tiered names like tim kaine of course, former senator of virginia and elizabeth warren, probably not too likely she'll pick elizabeth warren, but certainly one of the names on the list. but now a new name being considered by the clinton campaign. craig. >> kristen welker for us in portsmouth, new hampshire, thank you. a live look here on the tarmac, dallas love that the aircraft we're told, support aircraft has landed there. president obama, air force one has landed we're being told. air force one has landed there on the tarmac. president obama will take roughly 20 minutes or so drive to the stevenson center where he will be making remarks with president george w. bush, as well. all of them coming together with the mayor, police chief here.
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live pictures from dallas, love field, where president obama has just touched down here in dallas. the president will head to more dr dr mortan symphony center, air force one just touching down a few moments ago. on board there with the president, along with the first lady, michelle obama, vice-president joe biden, his wife, dr. jill biden, we're told democratic leader, nancy pelosi
10:21 am
is on board, and so is texas senator, ted cruz. john cornyn, texas's other senator was here at the memorial. we'll here from him in a few moments. president obama here in dallas, preparing for the interfaith memorial service, set to start any moment now. my colleague, chris jansing, joining me once again, in addition to speaking at the interfaith memorial service, the president also going to be doing something that he typically does at all of these memorials, spending time with the families as well. >> he does take his time with that. when you speak with people who have unfortunately found themselves in that situation, to be the close relative of someone who has been brutally murdered, they say the president doesn't rush them. he listens to them. he wants to hear what they have to say. it is important for him to know what they're thinking and what they have lost. he doesn't even always give a speech. right in orlando, he went and only really met with the families, but it is important to
10:22 am
him. because tomorrow, craig, when he is back at the white house, he is going to be meeting with law enforcement, with community leaders, civil rights leaders, and i absolutely guarantee you as someone who has seen this president up close for a couple of years now, he will take some of those stories and he will bring them back to those leaders and say to them, this is why we have to do something. because inevitably, when he has done this before, a mother, a fo father, a husband, a child, has held on to him, looked him in the eye, and can you make this stop, can you make it better. so that emotional power of being with these families will drive what happens in the hours and days and weeks ahead. >> in addition, president obama and president george w. bush, again, texas senator john cornyn, will be among those speaking at that service. senator cornyn was here, literally maybe an hour, hour and a half ago outside the
10:23 am
dallas police department, where we sit. he stopped by to pay his respects and stopped by to drop off a united states flag that he told me had flown above the capitol a few days ago. i talked to him about the performance of dallas police chief, david brown as well during that conversation i had with him. >> chief brown has done a magnificent job articulating for many of us the fact that if there is an instance where somebody has done something wrong, that should not affect the way we treat law enforcement in other parts of the country. for example, these five officers did nothing wrong. they did nothing wrong to anyone, and they paid the ultimate price. we need to have the difficult conversation. i appreciate the president coming, along with the first lady and vice-president, and of course, former president bush. look forward to paying our respects to the families of the fallen. what is most troublesome to me,
10:24 am
if these officers hadn't stopped this shooter when they did, even after he inflicted the carnage that he did, he was prepared to do something much worse. had accumulated a lot of explosives where he could have killed a lot more people. even as we grieve for the families, we recognize that their sacrifice made it possible to perhaps save many other lives that could have been lost, had this deranged individual been successful in doing more. >> texas senator john cornyn there, echoing the sentiment we've heard time and time again over the past few days that essentially had it not been for the brave reactions of the officers here in dallas, the carnage here would have been far, far worst. we learned this morning from gabe gutierrez that there were some 60 college students inside a building that were very much
10:25 am
at risk, left side of your screen, air force one touched down in dallas. right side of your screen, that interfaith memorial service, we just learned right now, that the immediate family members of all five of the slain officers are at that memorial service. they are seated in the front row. we'll take a quick break here. when we come back, more from that interfaith memorial service. this is ms in. bc. -- msnbc. defiance is in our bones. our citracal bones. easily absorbed calcium plus vitamin d. defy bone aging with citracal maximum. our highest level of calcium plus d. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. lirty mutual insurance.
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10:29 am
there is the president, the president making his way now down the steps with first lady michelle obama. president obama aboard air force one called the family members of alton sterling and philando castile to offer his and the first lady's condolences on behalf of the american people for the death of their loved ones. the president had caught some flack, faced some criticism for not making trips to minnesota, for manot making a trip to bato rouge, but for coming to dallas only. again, president obama making his way there into the limousine there with the first lady. let's bring in joshua dubois, former spiritual advisor, who led the white house office in faith based and neighborhood
10:30 am
partnerships. again, joshua, before i come to you, i do want to call our viewers attention to and listeners attention to getting in the limousine. texas senator, ted cruz, right there with him as well. once again, joshua, here we have president obama, being called on to provide comfort to another community in this country, and the wake of another mass shooting in this country. what can we expect to hear from him today that is going to be different? >> yeah, well, first off, he is going to mourn with those mourning rights now. he'll probably spend time with those families, look them directly in their eye, pull them in close for big hugs, and just let his heart break with them alongside with them. that's probably the most important thing he can do in dallas. you know, i imagine the president is going to say that first off, these officers of course did nothing wrong. and the burden of processing 400
10:31 am
years of complicated racial history in this country should not be on them. that we've got to do a better job as a country of addressing these issues before we experience tragedies like this. i think we'll hear that from the president. this is a time for him to reflect on the lives that were lost. that's important, craig, because we've got to put ourselves in other people's shoes. he is going to say imagine what it must be like to be the wife or the mother of an officer who is no longer with us. imagine how their heart is breaking right now and probably going to encourage americans to have empathy for them. >> we know that the president is a man of faith, joshua. i know that you went to newtown with him. i was there in newtown, connecticut as well. one of the things that always strikes me about the president when he makes these remarks is that he always tries to incorporate scripture. in newton, i believe it was
10:32 am
second corinthians, "do not lose heart" was the president's message that day. any idea what kind of scripture he may draw upon and how do we know how his faith guides him as he speaks in settings like this? >> that corrine thannians was so important. we're still being renewed. i imagine the president will, you know, will point to those passages of scripture that point our eyes to better days ahead. that even in the context of this horrible, brutal time, even in the context of this pain, you know, mournirning is around the corner. i don't want to get in front of his speech and put words in his mouth, but his faith points him to hope. i think he'll use scripture to point americans to hope as well. >> as we're having our conversation here, president obama en route to the interfaith
10:33 am
memorial service. we can see that the caravan is leaving. joshua, the president will undoubtedly once again be forced to talk about race in america, to talk about the kasem that certainly exists, a kasem that has grown on his watch. how can president obama dance the delicate dance that he has been forced to do so many times, talking at the intersection of race and policing? >> well, one of the things i think we have to realize, and one of the things that the president may point to after he has spent time mourning those that we lost is that listen, we've got 400 or so years of really tough stuff, and only a few moments in our country's history where we've processed t it. we had a period around the '50s
10:34 am
and '60s where we brought some of these issues to the for front, but then we buried it down deep. it is coming out again in a brutal way, in a horrible way. but it is in front of us. you can't really deal with the problem until it is on the table. so one of the things that i think that is important about this presidency is that no one can ignore this problem any more. no one can run from it. it is out there. it is on the table. by no means justifies that what we're going through now in dallas, but i think the overall benefit of this presidency is that we can't ignore this original sin of racism any more. we've got to confront it head on. or else it will keep manifesting itself in terrible ways. to those who have said, some saying some writing it in various op-eds all over the country that despite being this
10:35 am
country's first black president, despite being america's first african-american president, racial tensions have worsened on his watch. what would you say to that? i would say if you spend time around the communities from detroit to baltimore to new orleans, south bronx in new york, racial tensions were already a problem. it is just they weren't on some people's radar screens before. so what i think has happened is actually this more americans are aware of the problems of race that some people have been dealing with all along. and we're never going to be able to actually move forward and solve these problems until they're on the table. so is it more apparent right now, absolutely. yes, it is. but it has to be apparent before we can move into solutions. and so i think that's what this presidency has done. that's a brutal process. it is a painful process to process that no one wants to go through.
10:36 am
these are labor pains of a country that is still being born in a lot of ways. >> do you think the expectations have been so very different for him in situations like this, because he looks like me and you? >> i think the expectation is certainly different. some folks think he can wave a magic wand and solve the problems. others think because he was elected, suddenly post racial society. he has done his best, and he is not perfect, but done his level best to deal with these issues, in as thoughtful way as possible. remember, this is the president that flew down to charleston and walked through our country's history on race and where we need to go from here. then lifted the country up in that amazing grace moment. he is not afraid of engaging on these issues. he is just -- he doesn't have a magic wand. he is not going to serve 400 years of history.
10:37 am
that's on us to pick up the baton and walk it out in our communities across the country. >> as we look live here inside the interfaith memorial service, where again, president obama making his way to the service as we speak, joshua, let's talk about process here for a moment, if we can. we know he devoted most of yesterday to this speech, but we're told that routinely, he is tweaking it up to the very last minute aboard air force one. how much of speeches like this that the president gives, how much of this is him winging it? i remember sitting outside the in charlesto when he burst into song and finding out that was not a scripted moment. it was something that i guess touched him. that was a spiritual moment, and i felt the need to do that. how much of is cryptscripted an planned and how much ex t
10:38 am
extemporaneous? >> he'll start out and outline what he wants to say, the message and impact he wants to leave, including some key phrases and passages. and then he works with a phenomenal speech writing team, senior advisors, they'll reach out to outside folks like myself and others to weigh in on different parts. it comes back to him and he makes it even better from there. so i imagine he has got his print out from ben or cody and he is reading through the lines, crossing things out, adding new things in. and then you know, in those final moments, when he is actually at the podium, he may add something impromptu. he has done that before as he did in charleston. it begins with the president, ends with the president and supported by a really trusted team in the middle. >> it always does sound like it
10:39 am
is certainly in his voice. joshua dubuos, former spiritual advi advisor, thank you for your insight. again, this interfaith memorial service, not far from where we sit in dallas, expected to start in a moment. we'll take a quick break and we'll bring it to you when we come back. this is msnbc. with's range of properties, rebel and key can wing it all the way to jordan and chelsea's wedding.
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10:43 am
outside the arena, a few moments ago, the president arrived, after a short motorcade from dallas love field, air force one touched down, and the president brought with him a bipartisan delegation, as you may know, he'll be joined by president bush 43, at the service. it has long been tradition that when our country, when a community has suffered a loss, party boundaries are supposed to be the least important thing about the event. as we've been saying, during the superb coverage of craig melvin and chris jansing before that, this is the 11th time the president has chosen to visit a community that has suffered a mass shooting. this is the 15th time he'll be speaking following a multiple victim shooting. again, this was out at love
10:44 am
field. the president, first lady and their party, got into the respective vehicles in the motorcade. they're on there way into the venue. jacob rascon is our correspondent outside the site. jacob, yesterday, the police chief in dallas said he is running on fumes, and we heard the same thing from those superb trauma surgeons and doctors at the press conference yesterday, hopefully after this today, and we warn our viewers, if you don't like the feeling of emotions while you watch something, this may not be an event for you, because this will be fair warning, an achingly sad service. but jacob, it must serve some purpose, along with last night's vigil, to get dallas kind of back up on its feet and moving again. >> reporter: certainly, brian. in the event had been started,
10:45 am
but it has been such a beautiful scene out here. we'll begin with this flag as is the custom. we usually see this outside of memorials like this. we'll show you briefly some video from a few hours ago, when you had hundreds of officers from about every department in texas, from as far away from oregon and new york, who had gathered. waiting to be in line to go inside. they've all left now. what you're seeing outside, we pan around and show you, and even up on the roof, people who work in this area, remember, we are less than one mile away from where it happened downtown, and you have people who are on their lunch breaks, getting the sense, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and they felt the need to come. in fact, i'll pull one of them aside, if i can. emily, we know you're working nearby, you had a lunch break. why did you feel it important to come here? >> i thought it was really important to come together for the dallas community. you know, it is tragic what happened. i want to be apart of the healing that's going on now. >> when you saw what happened in
10:46 am
your hometown, how did it affect you personally? we've seen a lot of tragedy around the country, but this was in your backyard. >> yeah, for me, it is one of those things you never think it will happen in your backyard, but it completely shocked me and tears the fabric because we're hurting so much for the victims. >> brian, it has been the spirit of compassion and empathy out here. a couple of silent protesters off to the side. i showed this earlier, a man with a free hugs sign or shirt on. we've seen several of those. that's the idea. that captures the feeling out here, a somber tone, and this is what they want to take away, this feeling they're having right now. brian. >> jacob, thank you so much. that sums up the atmosphere outside the venue. we had some erroneous information earlier. motorcade is still en route. we have not seen the president
10:47 am
arrive at the back of this venue. interesting note concerning the motorcade and the security of the venue today. to give the stressed dallas police department a break, we heard the police chief yesterday say arlington, texas, the community of arlington texas has stepped up. they will be handling all the vehicular security as you know when the president travels, there are needs for motorcycles, local police to man all the intersections, do perimeter security. it is a job for the local police department here in new york and in washington. they have a kind of standing division to do just that during presidential visits. but arlington, texas, is today handling security in dallas, texas. so members of the dpd, police officers throughout the city, could if at all possible, be
10:48 am
there to mourn and to grieve. if you've been watching our coverage, you saw that we were just talking with joshua dubois, the president's former spirits wall advisor, and "the president's devotional" the inspirations that inspired president obama. a little bit more, you talked about this with craig melvin earlier. there comes a moment when the president, who has been forced to do this all too often, you talked about the face-to-face dynamic with loved ones of the lost. appropriately, and i hope it always remains the case, cameras have never been allowed to intrude upon this moment, which the president has called one of the most important things he does as president, what transpires? what can he possibly transfer to them, given the sadness he is having to soak in from them? >> yeah, he meets them where they are, brian.
10:49 am
you know, some family members, they want to talk. they want to share about the person that they lost. so he'll ask them, you know, about their favorite television show or to share a special memory. others just kind of want to collapse in his chest and sob. and he'll try to hold them close. sometimes there will be younger children there that don't fully understand everything that's going on. and so he'll try to get them to maybe laugh a little, toss them in the air, or his team usually has a box of white house m&ms. every family, every situation is different. what he tries to do is look in their eyes, gauge what they're going through, and try to meet them where they are. you know, one of the things that was astounding for me, after newtown and some of these other situations, the sheer nub mber people affected. the five officers, each one had multiple family members that are
10:50 am
wrecked by this loss. the president is working with and engaging all of them. so it is sort of a stunning sight to see how many people are pulled into these tragedies and this. >> this, of course, this role is hardly unique to the president. it's part of the kind of tactile modern presidency. think how many times george w. bush had to do this with families of loved ones from 9/11 with military families over and over and over. so, what qualities do you think are, perhaps, i'm guessing you haven't seen president george w. bush up close. what do you think is unique? >> they have a capacity for empathy. they have to be careful to ward
10:51 am
off cynicism and not go numb. neither have gone numb. they very much feel. the president, his eyes will water in some of these moments. he tries to do his best to hold it together to give strength to the folks whose strength is failing them. i think that's the most important thing, a deep capacity for empathy, being able to put themselves in someone else's shoes and feel the pain they are feeling and really let their heart break in those moments. that said, that's got to be -- the president does it and takes a deep breath and does who he can. it's a difficult task for any leader. i find myself praying for him as i do for the families because it's got to be tough as it was for president bush. >> we are seeing evidence that the motorcade has arrived, in fact, at the venue. you will see the official traveling party come out and take those seats in the front
10:52 am
row. ja joshua, while we have you, prior to getting underway, for people watching, especially for our viewers in the hard hit state of texas who are watching this, feeling shattered, for people who are watching this, who are concerned after the loss of life we have seen in this country by various means, is there a passage that comes to mind to you in this moment that people could perhaps hold close as they watch? >> yeah. you know, i'll give you one short and sweet, weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. you know, we are going through a gut wretching time as a country. part of that is because we are dealing with issues that have sort of been buried underneath the surface for a long time. to create, these are the labor pains of a country that is still being fully born and that does not minimize the human costs of
10:53 am
these latest tragedies. we must mourn, but we also must realize until some of these racial issues get out on the table, we will never be able to deal with them. i'm hopeful that some solutions are around the corner. i'm hopeful we have to deal with the situations less as time goes on. and the final thing is, what makes me hopeful is the most divisive voices are those on social media, the ones fighting each other. the vast majority of americans, even if they don't know what to do, their hearts are breaking right now. that gives me comfort. it means there are a lot of good folks in this country that want to find solutions. i think their voices will increasingly be heard. >> we know you have made yourself late by letting us talk to you so late. thank you very much for being patient with us. we hope that your words offer comfort to at least some of those in our viewing audience
10:54 am
today. joshua has been kind enough to join us from philadelphia. we want to bring in mark claxton in columbia, north carolina. retired nypd director and director of the black alliance. if i'm not mistaken, you were on the air the night dallas started unfolding, is that correct? >> that is correct, yes. >> i was listening to your early analysis in the hours before we knew the terrible toll we would be talking about at the end. where -- where do you put and we are going to try not to mix politics and public policy in a day that is, should be devoted purely to the family of these five and their loved ones. where do you put the conversation right now that has to happen between citizens and
10:55 am
police officers, these two different populations in our country who happen to feel targeted and happen to believe they have very good reason to feel targeted right now? >> i think the conversation would be put somewhat on the back burner, if not just for this short period of time. i think collectively, across the board, no matter what position you assume or what perspective you have on the current state of police and community relations, it is important. i think people have enough empathy to realize that is important is memorializing those poor souls and respecting the wishes of families and understanding and empathizing with what they must be going through. it occurs, even when there are shootings, nonlaw enforcement physical injury yules who are killed. there is a tremendous amount of empathy as well. i think there will be respect
10:56 am
for the wishes of the family, desires of the family and the common decency at this point. >> in your experience, is the bond between first responders and will include for purposes of this conversation, say fire and police together because they tend to be similar in how they bond on the job and come together off the job and certainly in tragedy. what is it about the occupation? is it that so few know what it's like to be the loved one of a first responder? >> you know, both occupations require a tremendous amount of sacrifice and dedication and commitment and there are certain intangibles that are included in both occupations. both, not everyone can do it. these are two professions that require a certain level of sacrifice, a certain level of courage and commitment, a certain level of sacrifice for
10:57 am
family members. you know, i think what's often lost and i'm glad it was just mentioned is the toll and demand on the families of police, firefighters and the ems workers as well. the toll on the families, the stress level of the families and friends and loved ones of the individuals who have chosen these professions and who realize and recognize there is a certain level of honor and pride attached to each. >> i'm glad you mentioned the word empathy, as did our guests previously. i wish you could assure us, however, that empathy will take a greater place in the conversation. certainly in our social media, it's been in very short supply, would you agree? >> yeah, i would agree. i think, oftentimes, for all the wonders of technology and the great things about technology and all that technology added to life, it also, unfortunately, at
10:58 am
times, gives us a glimpse of just how sick, demented oftentimes, how distant and cold and callous we can be. rest assured, i'm sure you know this, the majority of people out there who engage in social media platforms are much more responsible, level headed, even when they have opposing views. there is a value to social media and then there are some dangers, inherent tangers in wide open communication in conversation. >> mark, thank you very much. we are just going to show folks what's happening inside this venue. the president's motorcade has arrived. they are greeting a few people in a holding room before coming out, before the audience, of course. the images of the five officers lost and they will be individually remembered.
10:59 am
we'll be hearing much more about them and their lives, so we'll leave that to participants in the service. the five seats for them are in the front row of the audience and a lot of you have asked questions about the blue and gold, blue and yellow ribbons we have seen on people's lapels and around their neck. that is operation blue shield for the community of first responders. here is the president and first lady, president bush, mrs. bush and the official delegation, including vice president and mrs. biden. [ applause ]
11:00 am
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